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Cameroon News Agency: Taxi drivers have joined forces with the civil society group, Defyhate, to fight against hate speech in Buea

January 6, 2024

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On Friday January 5, 2024, hundreds of taxi drivers converged on the streets of Buea, South West region, and marched from the Omnisport Stadium in Molyko to the office of the Divisional Officer for Buea.

The mobilization, organized under the banner of the “Hate Free City Campaign with Taxi Driver,” aimed to take a collective stand against the rising tide of hate speech within the city, Defyhate revealed.

Various taxi driver unions joined forces in support of the campaign, highlighting the significance of their role in fostering a hate-free environment.

The initiative comes on the heels of previous statements from the clergy and chiefs denouncing hate speech, which has reportedly been on the rise in Buea and its surroundings.

Madam Becky Lymonga Efoe, Executive Secretary of the South West Regional Assembly , urged the taxi drivers to become vocal advocates against hate speech, emphasizing their pivotal role in preventing conflicts fueled by divisive rhetoric.

“The rally serves as a dynamic response to the escalating concerns about hate speech, with the hope that the taxi drivers’ commitment will contribute to creating a more harmonious and tolerant community in Buea.” The organization said in a statement.

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